Mathematical Resources
  • Wolfram MathWorld - A useful online mathematical resource.

  •     LaTeX related
    LaTeX has established itself as the most widely used specialist Mathematical typesetting language, and learning at least the basic will be very useful for anyone considering studying Mathematics at a higher level. All of the documents in the Work and Puzzles section of this site are written in LaTeX. I have listed here some basic links to get you started.

  • LaTeX Project homepage - Has all the basic documentation to get you started (read the Not-So-Short Introduction at least once!) and details on where to get the software.
  • LaTeX Community Forums - I haven't used this extensively, but it looks like it could be useful for troubleshooting/advice.

  •     University websites
  • Cambridge Maths Department - The Cambridge University Maths Department
  • Oxford Maths Department - The Oxford University Maths Department