September 23rd 2009
Last week's chess problem gave me a little trouble, and I decided to re-phrase it a little. The revised version is up along with its solution. This week's puzzle is one of my favourites, the Sum Product problem
    September 16th 2009
Very late this week, but the solution to River Crossing is up and we have a new puzzle
    September 7th 2009
Another week, another new puzzle is up. Oh, and the old one's solution is up too.
    August 31st 2009
The solution to the blue-eyed villagers puzzle is up, and I've added a new one. Enjoy!
    August 28th 2009
Due to technical difficulties* the solution to this week's puzzle won't go up until Monday. I think that in future I'll keep to a weekly update schedule - it makes more sense to upload the solution to one puzzle as I put up the next.
See you on Monday!

* laziness

    August 24th 2009
I've added a new puzzle here. I'm going to try and have a new puzzle every Monday with the answer up on Friday. This one is rather tricky, but the discussion section included in the pdf should help a lot. If you have any questions or comments, I'm still accepting emails!
    August 17th 2009
Fully functional website uploaded. So far the notes page only has Dr. Korner's Analysis I notes, I shall upload the others as I receive the relevant permissions from the lecturers. I hope you find it useful. If you have any feedback, my details are on the contact page or you can just email me here
    August 15th 2009
Website uploaded! So far we only have the bare bones, I hope to have the rest up soon.