Missing lectures
Not all of the notes below are complete - some of the lecture notes are missing from my folders. If you have any of the following please let me know

  • Algebra and Geometry - Michaelmas 2002. I am missing theorems 83 to 86 of Jan Saxl's half of the course
  • Linear Maths - Lent 2003. I am missing Lecture 11, delivered on 10th February 2003
  • Further Analysis - Lent 2004. I am missing Lecture 3, (23rd Jan '04), Lecture 5 (30th Jan '04) and Lecture 14 (1st Mar '04)
  • Special Relativity - Lent 2004. I am missing Lecture 5 (2nd Mar '04) and Lecture 6 (4th Mar '04)
  • Topics in Analysis - Michaelmas 2004. I am missing Lecture 15 (10th Nov '04) and Lecture 20 (22nd Nov '04)
  • Stochastic Financial Models - Lent 2005. I am missing Lecture 16 (25th Feb '05)

  •     Undergraduate Cambridge Course Notes
    Course notes are available in pdf and LaTeX formats by clicking on the appropriate logo next to the course title. Please let me know if you find any errors or omissions.
    If you need Adobe Acrobat reader for the pdfs, it is available here. For more details on LaTeX check the links page.

  • Algebra and Geometry -
    Prof. P. Haynes and Prof. J. Saxl's Algebra and Geometry course from Part IA - Michaelmas 2002. Please note that these are provided, as are all the other courses, unseens and uncorrected by the lecturers in question.

  • Linear Maths -
    Prof. Glass's Linear Maths notes - compiled from both lecture courses given. Originally offered in IA in Lent 2003.

  • Numbers and Sets -
    Prof. T. W. Gowers's Numbers and Sets course from IA - Michaelmas 2002.

  • Analysis I -
    Prof. Korner's Analysis I course from Part IA - Lent 2003, complete with proofs covered in lectures, reproduced with his kind permission. The course has since slightly changed, new students should visit his homepage to get the latest.

  • Analysis II -
    Prof. G. P. Paternain's Analysis II course from IB - Michaelmas 2003.

  • Topics in Analysis -
    Prof. T. W. Gower's Topics in Analysis course from II - Michaelmas 2004.

  • Groups, Rings and Modules -
    Prof. J. Saxl's GRM course from IB - Lent 2004. Please note again that these have not been viewed or checked by Prof. Saxl himself, they are purely my notes from the course.