All of the puzzles are laid out in the same way - the initial puzzle, a discussion which should clarify any ambiguities in the phrasing and then the solution. They are all contained in pdfs which you can reach by clicking on the puzzle title.

I'm always interested to hear of new puzzles. If you have one, please send it to me

    Current puzzle
  • Sum and Product (21-Sep-09)
    Two mathematicians are set working out some numbers, with one only knowing the Sum and the other the Product.

  •     Old puzzles
  • The Careless Stalemate (16-Sep-09)
    Black manages to pull off a very lucky stalemate, but where were White's pieces?

  • River Crossing (07-Sep-09)
    Getting a farmer across a river with his fox, chicken and grain intact.

  • Chessboard Coverings (31-Aug-09)
    Covering a cut-up chessboard with dominoes.

  • Blue eyed villagers (24-Aug-09)
    How can you know your own eye colour without looking in a mirror?

  • Poker (17-Aug-09)
    Assuming full control of the deck, what is the ideal hand to be dealt in a game of poker?